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Prairie City SVRA Aquatic Resources Delineation

Trails are fundamental to fulfilling the California Department of Parks and Recreation’s mission to create opportunities for high-quality outdoor recreation. The Road and Trail Management Plan (RTMP) for the Prairie City State Vehicular Recreation Area provides specific and detailed management direction for the road and trail systems in these park units, guiding their future operation, maintenance, and development. The goal is to ensure that recreational trail opportunities are available at their fullest potential while protecting the parks’ cultural and natural resources. As part of ensuring CEQA compliance for the RTMP, Ascent performed a wetland delineation of 550 acres of jurisdictional waters and wetlands in the Prairie City State Vehicle Recreation Area. Following the survey, all aquatic features were identified on a map and described in a wetland delineation report.

Project Contact

Tammie Beyerl
California Department of Parks and Recreation

Biological Studies
Aquatic Resource Delineations
State Park General Plans and Management Plans

Rancho Cordova, California
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