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Riley Smith

I am a part of the publications team at Ascent, mostly working on our document layout and review, but I have a background doing similar things in digital entertainment and technology, having worked at a variety of companies including a PR agency, a university, and a California startup. But I am more than that! I am a passionate advocate for environmental conservation and for treating our world and the animals around us with respect—and I am a strong supporter of a diverse, open-minded, and inclusive future. I am happy to bring my work to a place where my values and skills can intersect.

Beyond the work stuff, I am an avid downhill skier, a video game lover, a modern literature reader, sometimes a writer, and a big fan of rescuing pets. I currently have three rescue animals—two dogs and a cat—and they bring an incalculable amount of joy to my life. I strongly recommend everyone I know adopt a pet from a shelter (if you want and can care for one). Otherwise, I love life in California and try to make the best of having the coast and mountains (and more) at my disposal—but often find myself lounging at home with a cup of something delicious too.

Publishing Specialist
Notable Projects

San Diego County Climate Action Plan

70th Annual Meeting of The Wildlife Society (Western Section) program booklet

BAAQMD CEQA Guidelines


BA, English Literature, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo


Former Boy Scout (always practice leaving no trace!)

Companion Animal Medical Project supporter

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