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San Diego County Climate Action Plan

San Diego County retained Ascent to prepare a new Climate Action Plan. The updated CAP was prepared in response to litigation that led to rescission of the previous plan. Ascent prepared the baseline GHG inventory and emissions forecasts for community-wide sources and for County internal operations. Ascent also worked with County staff to develop GHG reduction targets for specific benchmark years (2020, 2030, 2040, 2050), consistent with the state’s GHG reduction goals. The scope of work included evaluation and quantification of the potential GHG reduction measures and a gap analysis to determine whether the proposed list of strategies would achieve the County’s target. 

Ascent worked with the County to define a CAP implementation plan and an evaluation and monitoring framework. The CAP also includes a section on different methods to implement individual measures, monitoring GHG emissions in the county, and maintaining and updating the CAP. Each measure also has associated information such as a recommended schedule of implementation, the specific entities responsible for implementation, and potential financing mechanisms to achieve identified reduction targets.  

County of San Diego
San Diego County, California
Energy Policy Initiatives Center at the University of San Diego

Project Contact

Poonam Boparai
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