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Christine Babla,

Christine is an award-winning urban designer, architect, and planner, who has spent her career working in urban areas on housing infill and redevelopment, integrating transit, walkability, and mixed-use to create complete communities and streamline the production of housing. She is the practice leader for Ascent’s Urban Design + Planning studio, and has overseen dozens of visioning efforts, community plans, specific plans, design standards, feasibility studies, and community engagement processes.

Christine is known for her ability to work collaboratively with stakeholders and clients to establish a distinctive community vision, and for translating that vision into concise, graphic, and user-friendly vision plans, design standards, and regulatory documents. She enjoys having the opportunity to work with clients to imagine what is possible for a site, neighborhood, or city, and watch communities transform as projects are implemented over time. An eternal optimist, she is unphased by even the most complex challenges, and has a contagious passion about creating sustainable and livable cities.

To maintain her work-life balance, you’ll often find Christine outside with her family exploring cities, parks, and waterfronts. She recently adopted two boisterous kittens … keep your eyes peeled for guest appearances on screen during virtual meetings.

Urban Design + Planning
Practice Leader
San Diego
Notable Projects

MAUD, Architecture in Urban Design, Harvard University Graduate School of Design

B.Arch., Illinois Institute of Technology


Humane Society (volunteer)

Brand Foundation Committee

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