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SANDAG Technical Assistance Program

Ascent is assisting SANDAG with the Housing Acceleration Program (HAP) Technical Assistance Program, providing staffing support and assistance to local jurisdictions on housing policy and legislation, housing element implementation, and CEQA streamlining to assist SANDAG’s 19 member agencies. The program supports implementation of SANDAG’s 6th Cycle Regional Housing Needs Assessment Plan, 2021 Regional Plan, and Sustainable Communities Strategy. The technical assistance resources developed through this program will support local jurisdictions as they implement their 6th cycle housing elements, implement new housing legislation, update zoning and design standards, and promote strategies to streamline CEQA and permitting processes for local housing development. The Technical Assistance Program includes local staffing assistance, trainings and webinars, the development of templates and tools, and legislation tracking. Work on the program is funded by one-time state grant funding through the Regional Early Action Planning Grants of 2019 (REAP 1.0) program administered by HCD.

San Diego Association of Governments

Comprehensive Planning
Staffing Assistance and Training
Housing Policy
Objective Design Standards

San Diego County, California
Civic Solutions, Goldfarb & Lipman LLP, Estolano Advisors, OpenScope Studio

Project Contact

Matthew Gelbman, AICP
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