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Sacramento Comprehensive Siting Plan to Address Homelessness

California State Parks proposed to implement the Road and Trail Change-in-Use Evaluation Process on a statewide scale to facilitate the review of proposals to change uses of existing recreational roads and trails throughout the State Park System. Potential project actions that may result from a change-in-use include: reconstruction of an existing road or trail; installation of speed control or use separation devices; minor rerouting of trail alignments to correct an existing environmental problem; installation of hardened surfaces; closure, decommissioning, and restoration of existing roads and trails; or conversion of roads to trails.

Ascent prepared the Program EIR for California State Parks’ Road and Trail Change-in-Use Evaluation Process Program. Key issues addressed in the Program EIR are erosion, stream sedimentation and water quality, cultural resources, sensitive species and habitats, and scenic impacts. Although not an environmental issue within the purview of CEQA, the Program EIR also contains a discussion of the potential for trail user conflicts and the management approaches being used to address it. The EIR was certified and the change-in-use process was approved for implementation. 176

Project Contact

Chelsey Payne, AICP
City of Sacramento
Sacramento, California


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