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Milpitas Climate Action Plan Update

Reflective of the city’s long-standing commitment to enhancing community resilience and promoting sustainability, the City of Milpitas first adopted a Climate Action Plan in 2013. Ascent assisted the City with developing an update to its CAP with a vision that is bold, transformative, engaging, and capable of achieving deep GHG emissions reductions and tailored to the Milpitas community. The CAP update sets aspirational yet achievable GHG reduction goals for 2030 and presents a plan for Milpitas to be carbon neutral by 2045 or sooner. In addition, it presents a roadmap for the city to build community resilience in preparing for and adapting to the impacts of climate change.

Unlike many long-range planning documents, the CAP update not only seeks to achieve long-term GHG reduction targets, it also provides City staff with a work plan of near-term actions to be implemented. The update includes prioritization matrices for GHG reduction and climate adaptation, which were developed to identify which actions should be prioritized for implementation and monitoring. The CAP update meets the requirements under CEQA Guidelines Section 15183.5 as a qualified plan (i.e., a CEQA-qualified CAP) for the reduction of GHG emissions for use in cumulative impact analyses pertaining to new development projects.

City of Milpitas
Milpitas, California

AEP: Climate Change Document Merit Award (2022)

APA California – Northern Section: Resilience and Sustainability Award of Merit (2023)

Kearns & West

Project Contact

Hannah Kornfeld, AICP
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