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Meeks Bay Restoration and Public Access Project EIS/EIS/EIR

Planning and environmental review were coordinated for the stream restoration and public recreation project at Meeks Bay on the west shore of Lake Tahoe. Restoration of Meeks Creek will provide substantial water quality and habitat benefits. However, it will require the removal of the Meeks Marina and result in boating access loss. Alternative features include marina removal and Meeks Creek restoration, SR 89 bridge replacement, bicycle and pedestrian paths, improved vehicle circulation, parking, boat ramp, small marina and pier, and reconfigured campgrounds. Key issues include emergency access and evacuation, tradeoffs between motorized and non-motorized recreation access, and increased demand for parking, access, and camping.

A stakeholder assessment led to a robust stakeholder forum and public engagement process to develop alternatives for public access facilities, restoration, and management of Meeks Bay. A joint EIS/EIS/EIR was prepared for TRPA, the US Forest Service, and the Lahontan Regional Water Quality Control Board to evaluate environmental impacts. The EIS/EIS/EIR evaluated the alternatives with equal detail that meets the environmental requirements of CEQA, NEPA, and TRPA in a single document (also known as a “triple doc” among Tahoe Region agencies).

Project Contact

Adam Lewandowski, ACP
Tahoe Regional Planning Agency
Lake Tahoe, California
US Forest Service, Lahontan RWQCB, Balance Hydrologics, Consensus Building Institute, Design Workshop, ESA, Natural Investigations Company
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