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Kyle Canyon Biological Surveys

NV Energy’s electrical service area includes the community of Mt. Charleston in Kyle Canyon, approximately 35 miles west-northwest of Las Vegas on National Forest System land managed by the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest, Spring Mountains National Recreation Area. Some special use permits on lands managed by the US Forest Service had expired and needed to be renewed as part of the consolidated master special use permit. NV Energy requested reauthorization of use of the right-of-way to continue to operate and maintain existing power lines, including managing vegetation within the ROW to reduce the risk of wildfires from vegetation contacting utility infrastructure and maintaining access to and within the power line ROW.

Ascent’s biological resources team conducted field surveys for golden eagle, northern goshawk, flammulated owl, and other raptors; bat roosting habitat and acoustical surveys; sensitive butterfly larval host and nectar plant surveys and mapping; snag mapping; TES plant surveys; and invasive and nonnative plant species surveys. A comprehensive report with the survey results was prepared for submittal to the US Forest Service, along with technical specialist reports that include a Biological Evaluation and Weed Risk Assessment.

Project Contact

Steve Henderson
NV Energy

Biological Studies
Habitat assessments
Wildlife and botanical surveys

Resource Management
Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest, Nevada
Natural Investigations Company,
Stewardship West
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