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Fire-Adapted Communities Roadmap and Dashboard

Ascent, in partnership with the Resources Legacy Fund, CAL FIRE, the Governor’s Wildfire and Forest Resilience Task Force, and the Fire-Adapted Communities Working Group, is developing a strategic statewide framework for fire-adapted and resilient communities that expands upon goals of the Wildfire and Forest Resilience Action Plan. The project was derived from the need for developing both a tractable near-term strategy for creating fire-adapted and resilient communities throughout California, while also providing a long-term vision for a more holistic and integrated community approach to wildfire. The project will create a comprehensive, cohesive “roadmap” that provide clear goals, objectives, and implementing actions to achieve the vision, along with a “dashboard” that will enable ongoing monitoring, evaluation, and measuring success in achieving fire adaptation and resilience outcomes.

California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE)
Statewide, California
Resources Legacy Fund

Project Contact

Erik de Kok, AICP
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