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SMUD East Campus Operations Center Master Plan

Ascent prepared a Master Plan for SMUD’s operations headquarters to address the continued growth in employee and physical and operational needs to meet the demands of SMUD’s customers. The Master Plan guides the development and growth of the campus over a 20-year time frame, including physical improvements to support SMUD’s strategic vision. The plan creates a unifying strategy for planning and redevelopment of the EC-OC in a manner that is flexible and responsive to the evolving needs of SMUD’s customers and employees. The Master Plan establishes the guiding principles for campus development and defines the land use, circulation, landscape, open space, security, and sustainability frameworks for campus growth, provides guidelines for future development, and outlines the actions and priorities needed to implement the vision and strategies of the plan.

Sacramento Municipal Utility District

Comprehensive Planning
Master Planning

Sacramento, California
Fehr & Peers, POWER Engineers

Project Contact

Anh Thai, LEED AP
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