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Community Protection Project ESA Biological Assessment

The Plumas Community Protection Project is proposed to provide long-term protection from wildfire to communities in unburned or partially burned areas. The project is in the Plumas National Forest (PNF) and encompasses approximately 168,000 acres of National Forest System lands. The planning area overlaps with unburned forested areas near communities within the Plumas National Forest administrative boundary.

Ascent reviewed scoping comments and collaborated with the Great Basin Institute, PNF, and Spatial Informatics Group (SIG) to develop additional detail for the proposed action and alternatives. We also developed resource Protection Measures, determined applicable PNF Land and Resource Management Plan components, and reviewed that data for compliance and development of project design features for all assessments and surveys to be conducted. We designed necessary environmental surveys for NEPA compliance using an approach and level of detail similar to the Prather/Medusa Forest Resilience project EA, recently completed by the Stanislaus NF. Ascent used the data and research gathered to recommend project design features or proposed action modifications or alternatives.

Project Contact

Adam Lewandowski, AICP
US Forest Service – Region 5, Plumas National Forest

Regulatory Permitting
Federal Endangered Species Act

Resource Management
Plumas and Butte Counties, California
Great Basin Institute, SIG
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