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Cal Poly San Luis Obispo 2035 Master Plan EIR

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo required a programmatic EIR for its 2035 Master Plan. Cal Poly retained Ascent’s assistance in 2022 following issuance of a Draft EIR for the Master Plan in 2017. Because of concerns raised by the City of San Luis Obispo about utility capacity and revisions to the Master Plan, Cal Poly sought to revise and reissue the Draft EIR. The Master Plan EIR was completed within 8 months and included extensive coordination with City staff. Key issues included City utility services to Cal Poly, transportation, biological resources, and cultural resources.

Since final programmatic EIR certification and Master Plan adoption, the University has prepared several addenda for projects implementing the Master Plan, along with a subsequent EIR for a major utility project under the Master Plan—a water recycling facility. The proposed facility will treat wastewater generated by master planned development, provide treated effluent to replace domestic water use in Cal Poly’s agricultural operations, and reallocate the offset surface water to potable uses.

Project Contact

Chris Mundhenk
California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
Public Development
San Luis Obispo, California
Fehr & Peers, Central Coast Transportation Consulting, Hartman Engineering, Natural Investigations Company
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