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Veronica Alatorre

As an urban planner, I firmly believe that well-designed cities can enhance our happiness, providing spaces that promote physical and mental well-being. My interest in urban planning was sparked by a desire to understand the intricacies of urban spaces and how they influence our quality of life. I am committed to advocating for and implementing innovative solutions that prioritize pedestrian and cyclist safety and designing public spaces that are welcoming, inclusive, and adaptable to the changing needs of our communities.

Beyond my professional life, I enjoy being outdoors. I thrive on the sense of adventure and exploration that comes with hiking and backpacking, which has taken me to many beautiful places around the world. Another creative outlet that I enjoy is scrapbooking. This hobby allows me to preserve the memories of my travels and outdoor adventures in a tangible, artistic form.

Urban Designer
San Diego

Master of Urban Design, UC Berkeley

Bachelor in Architecture, Universidad de Monterrey, Mexico

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