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Tristan Evert

What started as a love for the outdoors and nature translated into a career based on protecting the environment. Witnessing the positive outcomes of my work, such as the preservation of valuable ecosystems and the creation of sustainable urban spaces, fulfills me day to day. Knowing that I am contributing to a more resilient and harmonious future for both people and the planet is what keeps my passion ignited as an environmental planner.

When I’m not working, I try my best to get outside as much as possible—and living in San Diego helps make that easier. From surfing to hiking to picnicking in the sun, I love to be outside whenever I can.

Senior Environmental Planner
San Diego
Notable Projects

Marin County North Coast Land Holdings Project EIR

Port of San Diego Port Master Plan Update EIR

SJSU Santa Clara Campus Master Plan EIR


BS, Environmental Management and Protection, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo


Surfrider Foundation

Friends of Balboa Park

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