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Suzanne Wirth

Imagine visiting the Houses of Parliament in London. Perhaps the most iconic feature is the Elizabeth Tower, aka Big Ben. Toward the top are the Great Clock’s four faces, one on each side of the tower. Now think of the inner workings of the clock. If these images were analogous to Ascent, that’s where you would find me—behind the scenes, doing what needs to be done in the background to keep the outward-facing aspects ticking along and accurately reflecting GMT (in this case, great marketing team rather than Greenwich mean time).

At Ascent, I am responsible for most of the administrative functions related to marketing and am frequently assigned to prepare proposals. For fun (really!), I contribute to the marketing team’s and the firm’s success by editing proposals led by other marketing folks, as well as social media posts, eblasts, conference materials, master resumes, and other copy, including project documents on occasion.

One of Ascent’s team members is CEQA Nerd. In keeping with that theme, I pride myself on being another type of nerd—a word nerd. From an early age, books have been major contributors to my happy place, whether I am discussing the latest selection with other members of my book club, exploring a library, or reading while ensconced on a comfy couch or chair. I enjoy a variety of subjects and genres and relish learning new things to further my editing abilities and knowledge of the world.
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Senior Marketing Administrator
Notable Projects

Ascent website development

Vantagepoint Marketing and Client Relationship Management systems

SMUD environmental on-call proposal


Friends of the Library

World Central Kitchen

Save the Redwoods League

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