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Suzanne Enslow

The smell of a campfire. The shadow of leaves on the tent in the morning. The freedom and peace of playing in the forest. The bliss of jumping off a rock into a beautiful swimming hole. That awe of a child is still with me today, as I share it with my kids. It inspired my career, beginning as simply knowing I wanted to do environmental…something. It matured into understanding that my love of the outdoors is matched by my love of people. Preparing CEQA documents may not be the romantic vision I had of tracking large game in the Serengeti, but it absolutely allows me to support our environment and our people. I believe in the CEQA process—the consideration of environmental impacts in project decisions, in public disclosure and discourse, in avoiding and mitigating adverse effects. It is exciting to look around our community, from utility infrastructure to the State Capitol, and know that I participated in preserving environmental resources while supporting informed community planning.

Senior Project Manager
Senior Associate
Notable Projects

UC Davis Long Range Development Plan EIR and Tiered CEQA Documents for later consistent projects

California DGS Real Estate Services Division, State Office Building Project EIRs, Downtown Sacramento

CSU Sacramento Placer Center EIR


BA, Environmental Studies/Biology, UC Santa Cruz


Sacramento Food Bank

Ascent Mentor-Protégé Program


Abominable Ascentians

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