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Sean Bechta

From my first jobs mowing lawns and delivering newspapers, I have felt most comfortable in the “service industry.” Through my teens and early twenties working in restaurant kitchens, then as a busboy, then as a waiter, in catering, and working in a bar, I have gotten great satisfaction serving others. Environmental consulting has been no different, with my greatest enjoyment coming from providing superior service to our clients. Whether acting as project manager for a CEQA document or a NEPA document, or for any other client need, I enjoy my job the most when I feel the client is getting great service as well as value for their investment in Ascent.

Given this background, it is probably no surprise that one of my favorite pastimes is growing fruits and vegetables at our rural home and turning them into dishes that my family and friends enjoy. Sharing an apple pie made with apples that I have grown or giving someone a jar of homemade spaghetti sauce made with ingredients from my garden gives me special satisfaction.

Senior Project Manager
Senior Associate
Notable Projects

North Yuba Forest Partnership North Yuba Landscape Resilience Project

Lathrop River Islands Project

DGS Capitol Annex Project


BS, Wildlife Biology, UC Davis


Member of the Board of Directors of Sacramento Chapter of Safari Club International

Regular blood donor

On the “Be the Match” bone marrow donation registry

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