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Rid Hollands

I originally come from Wales in the United Kingdom and grew up on a strict diet of David Attenborough’s Life on Earth TV shows and reading the books of Gerald Durrell—My Family and Other Animals is still a favorite! This really helped forge my love of nature and for the amazing planet we live on.

So how did I end up as a CEQA/NEPA project manager? I took the somewhat unconventional route of undertaking an English literature degree. Swiftly realizing that I didn’t want to become a teacher, I thought back to all the wondrous Attenborough shows and thought, why not do something that makes a difference to the world we live in? So, via working for a company specializing in contaminated land assessments, then working for a waste management lobbyist, plus completing a master’s in environmental management, I found my way into environmental consulting. After honing my skills in environmental impact assessment (the UK’s laws are based on NEPA), I made the jump “across the pond” to San Diego and have relished the challenge of leading CEQA and NEPA projects.

Through my 13 years of experience in the environmental sector, I have developed a thorough understanding of environmental issues likely to crop up on my projects, and a pragmatic project management style. I have considerable experience in working on and managing programmatic and project-specific environmental documents, but I love to work on the more tangible projects that are (hopefully!) going to be built. Regardless of project type, I enjoy problem-solving with stakeholders and with luck we can have some laughs along the way, as let’s face it, CEQA can be a little dry!

When not engrossed in CEQA/NEPA documents, you’ll likely find me out on the trails, running the boardwalk, or traveling to some far-flung destination (I have been to 70 countries), probably with a beverage in hand!

Senior Environmental Planner
San Diego
Notable Projects

Alhambra Community Center EIR

Oxnard Arcturus Cold Storage Warehouse IS/MND

Long Beach 615 E. Ocean Boulevard CEQA Compliance Checklist


MS, Environmental Management, University of Hertfordshire, UK

MA and BA, English, University of Cambridge, UK


San Diego Food Bank volunteer

Nā Wahine Toa Foundation supporter

Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust supporter

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