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Rebecca Pope

I’m an urban planner with a passion for creating equitable and sustainable communities where everyone can thrive. I’m driven to work in this field to enhance communities by promoting equity and opportunity for all. My focus at Ascent is primarily on housing projects and policy planning, with an emphasis on affirmatively furthering fair housing. I’ve contributed to the preparation of housing elements, zoning amendments, and housing policies and implementation programs. But my commitment to social and environmental justice goes beyond individual projects. I believe that every person deserves access to safe, affordable housing and opportunities to build a better life. My work has allowed me to develop a deep understanding of the challenges facing communities when it comes to housing, and I’m committed to finding solutions that work for everyone. That’s why I’m always looking for ways to make a broader impact and expand my knowledge and expertise, whether through advocacy, mentorship, policy development, or community engagement.

When I’m not working on projects, I enjoy exploring my city’s vibrant neighborhoods, trying new restaurants, and spending time outdoors.

Urban Planner
Notable Projects

Sacramento 2021–2029 Housing Element

SACOG Technical Assistance with AB 686 Compliance

Sacramento Comprehensive Siting Plan to Address Homelessness


BA, Environmental Studies (concentration in Science for Sustainable Communities), CSU Monterey Bay

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