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Phi Ngo

I enjoy the challenges and creativity of transforming data into precise and meaningful visualizations that are not just accurate representations, but also powerful tools for decision-makers.

Away from my work at Ascent, I lead an active and environmentally conscious lifestyle. I enjoy hiking the many trails that this region has to offer. I’m also a cyclist who enjoys biking to work and adventuring on two wheels at 15 mph. I’ve even adopted a car-free lifestyle, opting to use public transportation and my bike, helping to minimize carbon emissions for a more sustainable future. When I’m not exploring the great outdoors, you’ll likely find me experimenting in the kitchen channeling the same creativity employed in my GIS work into crafting (sometimes) delicious meals.

Senior GIS Specialist
Resource Analyst

BA, Communications (minor in GIS), UC Davis


Food Bank (volunteer)

American Hiking Society (volunteer)

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