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Mike Parker, AICP

CEQA is my jam! As a person who is easily bored, I love that CEQA presents me with a smorgasbord of topics every day. A splash of noise. A smatter of VMT. A touch of biological resources. A soupçon of greenhouse gas. CEQA, as a practice, is ever-evolving with legislative updates and judicial precedence; it literally never gets old. Also, over my 20-year career, I’ve been lucky to have led CEQA review for a wide range of projects, from open space and trails to the largest institutional hospital west of the Mississippi, from small-town city halls to high-rise buildings, from single homes to major community plans. But the thing that really excites me most is helping other people understand CEQA—my clients, my colleagues, and my teammates.

Principal-in-Charge – Berkeley Office
Sacramento, Berkeley
Notable Projects

Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District Mount Umunhum Summit Restoration and Public Access Project EIR

Placer County Sunset Area Plan/Placer Ranch Specific Plan EIR


MA, English, CSU Sacramento

BA, English, CSU Humboldt

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