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Matthew Brehmer

I find purpose and joy in providing insight into ways we can contribute to improving the living conditions of all people by working toward attaining the standards for healthy air quality across all California communities. I am especially passionate about aiding clients in the education sector to meet their goals of furthering campus sustainability and improving access to college education. I have been fortunate to participate in several projects in the California university system. Notably, I was able to contribute my specialization in air quality analyses to a project that will provide additional student housing to my alma mater, Cal Poly Humboldt. Outside of work, I find fulfillment in spending time in nature through activities such as hiking, running, and snowboarding.

Air Quality and GHG Analyst
Notable Projects

CSU Sacramento Placer Center EIR

Cal Poly Humboldt Craftsman Student Housing Project EIR

Tuolumne County Biomass Utilization Project EIR


BA, Environmental Studies, Cal Poly Humboldt

AA, Psychology, Sierra College

AA, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Sierra College

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