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Marlie Long

From an early age, growing up in Hawaii allowed me to appreciate various natural environments, from the beautiful ocean to the lush mountains. Knowing I wanted to protect these environments for all to enjoy led me to pursue a degree in environmental studies, where I thought I’d end up as an environmental lawyer. However, I ditched that plan after a week of studying for the LSAT and decided to pursue a career in CEQA instead, as it combined the best of bits of science, legal requirements, and political processes all while helping to shape our communities.

Now almost a decade later, I have been fortunate to work on a wide range of CEQA and NEPA projects across California and the Southwest. I am particularly interested in the intersection of CEQA with urban planning, as those types of projects help to build our communities toward more sustainable, brighter futures. While I work on both project- and program-level documents, I am partial to programmatic analyses because they provide a strong foundation to streamline future projects through the CEQA process with more efficiency and ease—which is a win-win for both the jurisdiction and the consultant!

Outside of work, you can catch me either at the beach or pool, reading a gripping book, hiking with my husband, or cooking up a new recipe. My other true love is traveling and filling my passport with even more stamps (50 countries and counting!), so I am always down to swap a traveling story or two over a glass of wine.

Senior Environmental Planner
San Diego
Notable Projects

Los Angeles County West San Gabriel Valley Area Plan Program EIR

Oceanside Coast Highway Corridor Study EIR

Inyo County Owens River Water Trail EIR


BA, Environmental Studies, University of San Diego


San Diego Food Bank volunteer

Nā Wahine Toa Foundation

CIELO Global Non-Profit

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