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Jim Foust, CPSM

I have a passion for understanding consumer behavior and message strategy. In my marketing career, I have honed my skills in developing content creation. I love finding innovative ways to connect with audiences and tell compelling stories that drive engagement and results.

Outside of the office, you can often find me out on the water or backpacking in the Sierras. I’ve been sailing for years and have a deep love for the sport. Sailing has taught me a lot about teamwork. Whether sailing with a crew or solo, there’s always a sense of collaboration between you and the natural world. It is essential to work together to navigate the water and make the most of the wind and weather conditions. I’m also a backpacking enthusiast and enjoy hiking the Sierras in all seasons.

Overall, I’m someone who is always looking for new challenges and experiences, in both my professional and personal life. Whether it’s navigating a tough marketing project or a challenging course out on the water, I’m always up for the adventure.

Proposal Manager

BS, Marketing, USC


I feed stray cats… I feed three cats so can we count each as a separate kindness?

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