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Jacklyn Bottomley

I am passionate about the community benefits of new development while at the same time conserving natural environments. I have been fascinated with conservation and sustainability in communities since a young age, learning about anthropogenic climate change and ways humans are creating sustainable communities. I believe in putting the natural environment first when developing communities in a manner that is socially and economically feasible, while trying to mitigate substantial impacts to the environment. As a young professional in the field, I learn more every day on how to think innovatively and critically. These skills are what help drive change in our world and lead to a healthier, brighter future for generations to come. I hope to continue my career in the industry and continue to grow and learn as a professional.

In my free time, I enjoy going to the gym, painting, traveling to Mount Tamalpais and watching the sunset with a picnic, watching a dramatic reality TV show, playing miniature golf, and making/trying new dinner recipes.

Environmental Planner
Notable Projects

CSU Maritime Academy Waterfront Master Plan EIR

CDFW Conservation Plan for the California Commercial Dungeness Crab Fishery Project EIR

Napa County/NCFF Angwin Vegetation Treatment Project CalVTP Project-Specific Analysis


BA, Geography, Environment, and Planning, Sonoma State University


Creek Cleanup in Sonoma County

La Familia Counseling Center, helping at-risk children and families

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