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Honey Walters

When I was growing up, my parents and I spent our free time outdoors camping, fishing, mushroom hunting, hiking, and gardening, nurturing my love and respect for the environment. Being in rural Indiana also allowed my cousins and I to “run wild” in the summers at my grandparents’ house, from taking the horses on all-day adventures to driving anything with wheels, force-cuddling barn kittens, swimming in the nearby ponds, and eating directly out of the garden to avoid going inside and receiving a required nap sentence. As an only child, I built a strong connection with my cousins, particularly one of them who was like a brother to me, sharing our fondest childhood memories and of similar age. In our early teens, he lost a long and painful battle with a rare form of leukemia, influencing my decision to elect pre-med for my undergraduate degree. During this time, it came to light that his leukemia was likely caused by exposure to toxins, as several others in his class were diagnosed with the same rare disease. I soon after altered my major to environmental chemistry and furthered my exploration of our spheres with a graduate degree in atmospheric science from UC Davis, spurring my relocation from the Midwest to California. In an environmental law class, I learned about CEQA, coming away elated having found a path that tied my desire to protect our environment and its inhabitants, especially our disadvantaged and sensitive populations. I have now spent almost 25 years applying my air quality and climate science background in the planning realm. More recently, I have been working in the interdisciplinary space helping Ascent’s clients to navigate the multitude of requirements and challenges they face and doing so in an integrated fashion to achieve holistic success and co-benefits.

When I’m not at my desk, you will find me traveling the globe with my husband and family, fulfilling my lifelong goal to continue learning, experiencing and never taking a new day for granted, and I still migrate to the great outdoors to stay grounded and sane. When I am home, I spend my time in the kitchen and relaxing with our three Maine coon rescue kitties, which I’m sure many of you have met on camera.

Chief Practices Officer
Notable Projects

CARB Environmental Compliance On-Call

TRPA Lake Tahoe Sustainability Action Plan

BAAQMD CEQA Guidance and Thresholds


MS, Atmospheric Science, UC Davis

BS, Environmental Science, Indiana State University


Solar Cookers International (former board president)

Maine Coon Rescue

Monterey Bay Aquarium

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