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Gretel Hakanson

I am passionate about helping authors craft reader-focused, outcome-oriented content. I’m interested in connection, and as an editor, I prioritize maximizing the connection between writers and readers through clear, concise, and engaging language. Satisfaction, to me, is a document that’s been swept of anything unneeded and polished so the author’s message shines through. My background is in the book publishing world, and now I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to collaborate on environmental documents.

When I’m not editing, I can be found seeking and fostering connection with nature, animals, and humans, whether it’s riding my mountain bike, crew team rowing, hiking with my dogs, gardening, or participating in community organizations. I also love learning about natural health, fitness and nutrition, contemplative practices, and energy healing.

Environmental Technical Editor/
Publication Specialist
Notable Projects

Mendocino County Licensing of Commercial Cannabis Cultivation EIR

San Diego County Climate Action Plan Update SEIR

MCRWMA Highway 59 Landfill Composting Facility SEIR


BA, Journalism, Indiana University


ACES: The Society for Editing

Save the Bay

Companion Animal Rescue, Foster, and Food Bank

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