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Gary D. Jakobs, AICP

If you took Rod Nash’s Environmental History and Paul Wack’s Environmental Planning classes at UC Santa Barbara and experienced the awe and inspiration they engendered, you would know how I developed my initial passion for the environmental and planning fields. That passion has only grown in my 40+ years doing this work, learning how the world works via a tremendous variety of projects, and doing my best to push those projects toward environmentally sensitivity.

My education plus my upbringing brought me to where I am today. I grew up the middle of three boys and could not play enough baseball, a sport that competes with my career passion to this day. The common theme of my childhood was teamwork. As a teen I worked at my dad’s foreign car repair business. Don’t ask me to fix your car—I have little mechanical intuition—but I sure learned a lot about business, customer service, and the joy of working with a diverse group of people!

Today, when I’m not working you will find me enjoying my family, cooking, hiking, biking, coaching, and kayaking on Lake Tahoe. And if the calendar is between April and (hopefully) October, I am watching my Cardinals try to win ball games!

Chief Executive Officer
Notable Projects

So many projects! My favorite projects are the ones where I have worked with great clients. You know who you are!


BA, Economics and Environmental Studies (dual majors), UC Santa Barbara


Supporting young people by coaching Little League and high school baseball

Creating a Diversity Internship with five firms

Leading AEP’s Advanced CEQA Workshops for over 15 years

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