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Bryn Kirk

As someone who is deeply passionate about sustainability and conservation, I find joy in working on projects that allow me to make a meaningful impact on our planet’s health. I believe in the importance of protecting our environment and improving its well-being for future generations. One of my favorite ways to connect with nature is by spending time outdoors and camping with friends. I also love staying active and participating in an intramural kickball league, which not only allows me to have fun but also emphasizes teamwork and camaraderie.

As an avid traveler, I relish the opportunity to explore new cultures and cuisines. I believe that experiencing different perspectives and environments broadens my understanding of sustainability and conservation issues on a global scale.

With my expertise in sustainability strategies, environmental policy, and conservation practices, I bring creative and innovative approaches to every project. I am committed to finding sustainable solutions and making a positive impact in promoting sustainable practices for a better future. I am dedicated to protecting our planet, and I am excited to continue my work in promoting sustainability and conservation efforts to create a better world for generations to come.

Environmental Planner
Notable Projects

Rancho Cordova Climate Action Plan

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Water Reclamation Facility Project

Elk Grove General Plan Amendment and Update of VMT Standards


BA, Environmental Studies, UC Santa Cruz


Volunteer at community events

Participate in beach cleanups

Contributed to La Familia Christmas Angel Tree Gifts

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