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Sonam Sahu, PhD

I am a climate change professional with a PhD and almost 7 years of experience in the climate change mitigation field. I have worked in research institutes and private companies and bring skills from both domains. Skilled at communicating complex concepts in a clear and concise manner for nontechnical audiences, I have had the opportunity of working with diverse stakeholders on climate change issues. I have experience working in global teams of three G20 countries—India, Japan, and the United States—and hence am able to quickly adapt to different work environments. Transforming climate science into practical solutions excites me, and I am eager to use my knowledge to achieve climate goals while enhancing sustainable development in communities. At work, please contact me to understand complex climate-related concepts in an easier manner.

Outside of work, I like to spend time with art on paper. I like sketching portraits, canvas painting, and capturing moments. Reach out to me for a rich conversation or just a light-hearted giggle!

Climate Action Analyst
San Diego
Notable Projects

San Diego County Climate Action Plan

Rancho Cordova Climate Action Plan

Bakersfield Climate Action Plan


PhD, Global Environmental Studies, Kyoto University

Post Graduate Diploma, Urban Planning and Development, Indira Gandhi National Open University

M.Tech, Disaster Mitigation and Management, Indian Institute of Technology

B.Arch, Government College of Architecture, Gautam Buddha Technical University


Ascent DEI Committee

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