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Fred Hochberg

As a senior climate action specialist at Ascent, I am passionate about driving real, on-the-ground solutions to climate change at the local level. I specialize in building robust, scalable quantitative models to help clients with difficult greenhouse gas quantification and forecasting problems. I love a good Excel formula or an elegant line of Python code. In this role, I leverage over a decade of previous experience in the electric utility industry, where I helped to develop modeling tools that assist California in planning its renewable energy future.

Outside of work, I like to sing nonsense songs to our dog Goji, a high-energy and very vocal German shepherd/husky mix. Halloween is my favorite holiday and I take it very seriously. (In previous years, I have dressed as Immortan Joe and King Diamond—bonus points if you know who they are.) Speaking of the latter, I’m working on a novel about the Bay Area underground heavy metal scene set in the ’80s because I’m fascinated by the world of ’zines, tape trading, and concert venues that aren’t super compliant with building codes.

Senior Climate Action Specialist
Notable Projects

Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority Climate Action and Adaptation Plan

Ventura County General Plan Energy Programs

Elk Grove Climate Action Plan Update


MPP, Public Policy, UC Berkeley

BA, Political Economy, UC Berkeley


Volunteer trash collector (I pick up trash around Sacramento for fun, sometimes by myself, sometimes with friends. I find it meditative and get some exercise in to boot!)

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