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Brenda Hom

My ideal future is one where there are shops just down the street or a few blocks away; I can take a train that comes every 15 minutes to work and even take it to visit my folks in the Bay Area within an hour; and I can pick up my kids from school by bike, stop by the grocery store on the way back, and not worry about my bike getting stolen. Oh, and maybe, an autonomous EV could take my family to Santa Cruz for a weekend away and Disneyland is just a few hours away by high-speed train! It also wouldn’t be so bad if our EV could be driven practically free because we charge it at home with our solar panels. High hopes, but I want to make it happen!

I love everything about sustainable transportation and effective climate action planning. As a senior climate action specialist, I’ve been fortunate to work alongside transit and transportation agencies in developing their sustainability plans to reduce both operational and communitywide transportation emissions and VMT as both a project manager and the lead technical analyst. With a background in mechanical engineering and over a decade of work on GHG inventories and climate action plans, I have been called Ascent’s Excel guru. I am all about finding the most efficient way to calculate something or organize data and results. These days, though, I’m putting my experience to use as a guide for our newer analysts and helping them to find these efficient pathways. Outside of work, I look forward to spending time with my family and friends, researching the latest cargo bike trends, and experimenting in the kitchen.

Senior Climate Action Specialist
Senior Associate
Notable Projects

Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada Sustainability Plan

Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority Climate Action and Adaptation Plan

Napa County Climate Action Plan


MS, Transportation Technology and Policy, UC Davis

BS, Mechanical Engineering, UCLA


Ascent Green Team

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